iOS 9.3 coming to the iPhone and iPad

January 27, 2016 Apple iPhone New Launch News

Apple unveils iOS 9.3

After being relatively quiet for a couple of months, Apple once again is in the news with its recent unveiling of iOS 9.3. This latest update, said to be released in a couple of weeks, not only expands on existing features but also introduces new ones as well. Today, we take a look at the new features iOS 9.3 brings to the table.

IOS 9.3

Night Shift

Night Shift is a setting that changes the colors on the screen of your iPhone or iPad to help you sleep better at night. It gives your display warmer colors by decreasing blue light and increasing orange, which is said to improve your chances of sleep.

Accessible from the Display settings menu, Night Shift gives you a slider to manually adjust the amount of blue light filtered, as well as the option to customize the schedule as to when this feature will be activated.

New 3D Touch Shortcuts in Stock Apps

3D Touch is now more useful in the iOS 9.3 update with the addition of quick actions to some of the operating system’s stock applications, most notably Compass, Health, and Settings. A new search option is also available for Stocks and the App Store gets some new options as well.

Shortcuts accessed via the Settings app though see to have the most benefits. With iOS 9.3, you now have the option of directly jumping to the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery, and wallpaper settings without having to open the app.

Password Protection for Notes

iOS 9.3 also gives you the option to protect your Apple Notes either with a password or Touch ID. To have this feature enabled, you need to go to Settings > Notes > Password Protection. From there, you just need to open a note, choose the Share icon, and select “Password Protect Note”.

Other Notable Changes

Listed above are the most significant changes coming with iOS 9.3 but the list of enhancements goes on. The new update also comes with multi-user support to iPads, a better CarPlay experience, an improved Health app, a faster multitasking menu, integration of iBooks with iCloud, the option to pair several Apple Watches with a single iOS device and so much more.

iOS 9.3 Availability

When can we expect iOS 9.3 to be rolled out? Unfortunately, there has been no word as to when exactly iOS 9.3 will get rolled out but we won’t be surprised if Apple takes another month to ensure that everything in iOS 9.3 is working perfectly and the update is ready for prime time before finally releasing it.