LG is about to impress us with the new LG G5 flagship

May 18, 2016 LG Rumours

New LG G5 flagship

LG has been known to issue stunning smartphones over the last few years and its upcoming news seems to keep up that trend. We’ve been coming across more and more specs leaking as to LG G5 that is on its way to the market in 2016 and decided to share all the details we’ve got so far. All the reliable sources, like Chinese site Weibo for example, claim that LG G5 is going to demonstrate a stunning upgrade in regard to almost all the main elements, such as memory, durability, power, speed, camera and a lot more new cool features as well. Let’s take a look.



We tend to consider LG G4 to be a pretty decent smartphone design-wise, but many argue that it left a lot to be desired especially compared to Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9. Now, it is rumored that LG took that into account and is planning to issue G5 in an all-metal build, which could spell the end of the removable battery and microSD slot. Assuming this is accurate it would make the LG G5 the firm's first full-metal handset. Could it be that LG is striving to catch up with its rivals, Samsung and Apple?  We don’t expect LG to increase the overall size and weight of the handset much as G4 was already pretty big. The color range to choose from is going to be pretty wide: White, Black, Blue, Gold, Copper, and Pink.


It is highly probable that LG G5 will have the Sapphire 5.6-inch HD IPS display with a flexible touchscreen. Keeping in mind that most flagship smartphones expected in 2016 are moving to 4K display, we don’t doubt that LG will provide the newcomer with 4K resolution as well.

Processor, storage and RAM

LG G5 is widely rumored to include an 8-core Snapdragon 820 processor, which is set to be a beast of a SoC with a 14nm process and a 2.2-3GHz speed. It also offers support for native 4K displays at 60fps with 120 Hz, which lends credence to the G5’s display rumors.

Speaking about RAM, it would be highly unlikely to see a 2016 flagship with a storage of 3 GB, so we’d say LG will go with 4-5 GB, while 6 GB is just a little too much for now.

Storage-wise, we expect LG to be ambitious enough to start with 32 and also offer sizes of 64 and 128 GB. It would also be nice to have the opportunity of storage expansion and we tend to consider LG will provide that.

Cameras & Iris scanning technology

G5 camera is supposed to be one of the most stunning features the smartphone will have. Imagine this. The rear camera is rumored to have an exclusive Sony lens that has a width of 1/2 an inch, which provides for extraordinary shots in low-light conditions. It’s not certain yet if it’s going to be a 21mp camera, but definitely no less than 20mp. It is planned to have a great variety of very user-friendly options. Smile, face and multi-gesture detection is only one of them.

We hear many assumptions as to the front shooter, varying from 5.1mp to 10mp. But what is even more important about it – the camera will supposedly have the iris scanning technology for extra security. All the way during 2015 the big smartphone players gradually introduced us to the biometrics scanning technologies in phones and now a fingerprint scanner that most flagships have is no surprise anymore. But no wonder LG decided to go further. LG is officially working with IRIENCE, a South Korean-based technology company that specializes in eye-scanning technology. Now the puzzles come into one place and the fact that this very company has been working on a particular scanner that can read a person’s eye from 50cm distance explains the aspirations LG has, doesn’t it? We can’t wait to see LG implementing that amazing technology which will make the smartphone the most secure one available nowadays.


All the predecessors, LG G2, G3 and G4 are known to have 3,000 mAh batteries. Would it be the choice for G5? We doubt that possibility since the smartphone will most likely have serious processing power. This is why we tend to believe the rumor of it having a 4,100 mAh battery.

When to expect?

There is no particular date officially announced for the release of LG G5 yet. But once we are to make a reliable guess, we’d look at its previous release dates over the years. LG G2 was announced back in September 2013, then G3 came out in May 2014 and finally G4 was released in May this year. It’s obvious that LG strives to show the world its new flagship earlier each year. Keeping this in mind we would estimate LG G5 to be announced between late February and late May in 2016. Let’s see how accurate our guess will be.