Nexus 5X and 6P – Interesting facts behind the scene

May 18, 2016 Android Google News

What goes on behind the scene?

Nowadays we have new extraordinary smartphones appear so often and we jump into experiencing the joy of using the gadgets right away. But how often do we get to sneak behind the scene and take a look at the interesting facts about the devices creation process itself? In that regard here’s some data about Nexus 5X and 6P that you might be curious about.

These smartphones are the perfect and brilliant representation of Google’s ideas about what modern smartphones should be like. During a recent meeting the creators, Google engineers, were willing to reveal some interesting facts about the newcomers.

    Google Nexus        

One impressive finding is the amount of time spent on creating both models. When it’s usually around 1.5-2 years that developers spend on a new smartphone design and creation, it went all the way down to as few as 7 months when it comes to Nexus 5X and 6P. Once you think of how great the smartphones turned out to be and how short the time frame was, you can’t but admire Google’s engineers and their dedication.

It’s also been admitted that the relationship between Google and Nexus manufacturers is at times complicated and it requires some convincing to ensure some particular elements turn out exactly the way Google wants them. A good example of such non-stop negotiations and never-ending samples review is the placement 6P USB Type-C port, which eventually was located in the middle instead of the edge of the phone. Another example you might be curious about is the Fingerprint sensor placement. The rear position wasn’t chosen at once. It took quite some time and samples to discover that the front isn’t too handy and can cause dropping the phone, while the side doesn’t provide with enough of space for an accurate read.

In other words, the tiniest details were looked into thoroughly when it came to designing Nexus 6P. A Google engineer described it as following: "We spent lots of time over in China pulling samples fresh off the bead, blasting manufacturing line, running over to a window, and scrutinizing the way the light played off the surface."

This session also revealed the sincere excitement of Nexus team to have gotten the chance of using Sony’s new sensor. They admitted, that provided for one of the main advantages of the phone – the awesome quality of pictures that is achieved thanks to it.

Tend to consider the behind the scene data interesting? We’ll gladly explore further for you.