6 best tips to make the most of your Nexus 6P

May 18, 2016 Android HTC News Tip

6 best tips to for your Nexus 6P

In our review we called 6P the best Nexus ever with all the great features and specifications. Many if not all would agree. It might seem that with such a great smartphone it’s difficult to think of what can be done to make the experience of using it more flattering. We came up with few tips for you though.

1. Make it faster. You might already have an idea of how fast and powerful the device is. It’s really superb with multitasking and handling the most demanding games. You might want to discover a great hidden option to make it even faster.

Choose Settings > About Phone and then press Build Number seven times. What you see then is the confirmation of you being a Developer now.

If you change the following settings: window animation scale, transition animation scale and animator duration scale to .5x, you'll discover the UI animations and transitions becoming faster.

Nexus 6p

2. Make it smarter. Did you notice what 6P can do with its Smart Lock function? This feature provides for particular rules you can set when your phone will automatically skip the lock screen, and others where it will auto-lock itself. Try going to Settings Security Smart Lock and decide which setting suits your needs best. Just few examples:

  • Trusted face: hold the camera in front of your face to unlock the phone.
  • Trusted places: tell your phone to unlock when you get into your car or enter your house.
  • Trusted voice: allow your phone to unlock when you command it.

3. Fingerprint sensor usage. The feature becomes widely available in most smartphone newcomers lately. Though we’d say Nexus did manage to make it extraordinary. Try this - Settings > Security > Nexus Imprint. It’s advised registering fingerprints from a range of angles when you initially set the feature up. Once this is done, the unlocking process is pretty much instant.


It’s almost unbelievable, but you can use the feature for not just unlocking your phone, but also to make purchases from Google Play Store for example. In this way the sensor will be used instead of the password. Great feature to prevent others from spending your money. In order to do that: open Play Store app > Settings and mark the Finger Authentication box.

4. Battery power handling. The device holds a great, powerful 3,450 mAh battery that is sure to give you a long-lasting charged experience. One thing to remember though is that only the genuine charger you get alongside with your smartphone can provide for around 7 hours juice from just 15 minutes charge.


5. Battery power indicator. Once talking about dealing with battery life on your 6P we can’t but admit – figuring out at what percentage with battery you are can seem quite difficult. It just doesn’t show. But we found out how to fix that.

Pull down the notifications tray twice, then long-press the settings icon for around five seconds. Keep trying this until your phone says “Congrats! System UI Tuner has been added to Settings” when you pull the shaded segment back up.

Then Settings > System UI Tuner > mark the box Show embedded battery percentage.


6. Stay fit with Google Fit. We don’t argue that it’s the most appealing fitness app that is available out there. But it’s already preinstalled for you and to say the least, it runs pretty smoothly, provides with most features you might want and, of course, suncronises with your Google account. It runs in the background without bothering you and gives you all the data – calories burnt, steps walked etc.

We’ll explore further and keep you posted.