Microsoft Lumia 850 speculations

May 18, 2016 Android Microsoft Rumours

Microsoft Lumia 850

We’ve talked recently about Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and got very excited about what a marvelous device that is after all. Now we got the chance to reveal more about the lower Lumia ranks. New information leaked regarding the upcoming newcomer positioned in the upper midrange and that is most likely Microsoft Lumia 850 to be.

The exterior

We got some fresh update for you as to the supposed Lumia 850 looks owing much to some certain photos of the exterior that leaked into the web.

                    Lumia 850

We have no particular proof so far that the image reveals the newcomer 100% accurately, but this is definitely something to rely on. The smartphone bears little resemblance to the Lumia 830 it’s supposed to substitute, replacing the sharp corners with rounded ones, more in line with the shapes of the 950's. The capacitive keys under the display seem to have disappeared from Lumia 850 as well. The hardware shutter button appears to be gone too, which might actually be a disapointment to many.

The elegant touch of gold that we so much appreciated in Lumia 830 seems to remain. We love it on the frame and buttons, as well as the Microsoft logo on the back.

The interior

As to the inner filling, there is not much detailed information, but general characteristics data is available. To be more specific, it’s going to have a 5.7-inch FullHD display protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and Snapdragon 617 chip with the CPU at 1.4GHz. Also 1GB RAM and 16GB expandable storage is awaited. It will most likely carry a 10mp ZEISS camera alongside with 5mp front shooter. There’s probably some improvement camera-wise going to happen compared to Lumia 830 - a 2,650 mAh battery. As for the OS, it will run on Windows 10 Mobile.

Lumia 850 launch date is still not confirmed as the device is still in the manufacturing process but it is quite clear that Microsoft is organising an event at CES 2016 in January for the Windows Tablet and PC’s. It’s a good chance for Lumia 850 to get introduced.