Is iPhone 6C for you? The rumours so far

May 18, 2016 Apple iPhone Rumours

The more rumors we come across the more obvious it becomes that iPhone 6C might appear as soon as February or March 2016. It’s been greatly awaited lately, since the last budget model was released in 2013. While iPhone 5C was designed purely as a more affordable iPhone, the iPhone 6C is likely to have more to differentiate it, with a smaller screen than either of the 6S models. It’s no wonder as the demand for a 4-inch and a more budget Apple phone has been continually growing.

                   iPhone 6c       

We’ve followed what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has to say about it, since he’s most of times pretty accurate in his predictions. In his opinion the first quarter of 2016 seems to be trustworthy for the release date as well.

A while ago most experts claimed that the newcomer would have a lot in common with its 5C predecessor. One thing they agreed on was that it would be released in plastic. But later rumors, including the information from Ku, suggested that it was going to have an aluminum casing and support for Touch ID. Same sources say that it’s going to be available in at least 2-3 colors.

According to the expectations from many users it’s highly awaited that iPhone 6C will be slimmer than iPhone 6S just like it’s supposed to be more compact.

It’s most likely that the newcomer is going to have a previous-generation A8 chip to make it less pricey and distinguish from current flagships. Though again, based on the information from Ming-Chi Kuo it might have an A9 processor.

Given that Apple doesn't allow for expandable storage 16GB is the absolute minimum that we consider acceptable and even that's far from being enough nowadays. So hopefully iPhone 6C will be available with a range of storage capacities and if 32GB was the smallest we wouldn't complain.

Just like with most other smartphones, iPhone 5C had a rather poor battery life, so it would be highly recommended that Apple takes trouble to improve that.

Other rumored features include 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, and 2.5D curved edge cover glass like the glass.