Samsung Galaxy S7 – what to expect?

May 18, 2016 News Rumours Samsung

Let’s admit, once Samsung Galaxy S6 appeared in March this year, it got obvious that Samsung wasn't resting on its laurels, but stepping up a gear. To many users this was the phone they'd wanted Samsung to make for years, and it was finally here: a perfect blend of design and extreme power. Super sharp screen, amazing camera, great media opportunities alongside with some drawbacks of course – battery could be better and the price does bite. Keeping that in mind we get more and more curious as to what Galaxy S7 is going to be like. And here is what we found out so far.

Galaxy S7

The most burning question – When?

Going by the experience we would assume that Samsung will reveal its new flagship phone in early March at MWC in Barcelona. Though now there are some rumors leaking that it might even happen earlier. According to those it might as well happen as early as January or February 2016. One rumor states a specific date - January 19.

What about the Price?

Well, don’t expect it to be cheap. Rather, we can tell you now – it is going to be very expensive, most likely one of the most expensive smartphones of 2016. Some guesses over the internet go as high as £600 / $650 / AU$1,100.

What are we going to get for that amount?


Let’s face it – the biggest gripe with Galaxy S6 was its low battery life. 17-18 hours is what you get using it rather moderately. The developers shouldn’t stay blind to that issue and provide the newcomer with a more powerful battery. According to the rumors we gathered that’s exactly what’s about to happen. Will the functionality take precedence over the design? If to a reasonable extent, then it’s more than welcome.


As to the design, we do acknowledge the fact that Samsung has only just overhauled its flagship design for the Galaxy S6, so it wouldn’t be realistic to expect drastic changes design-wise for galaxy S7. There might be minor tweaks to the looks of the newcomer, but it is getting pretty obvious that for now Samsung chooses to keep a similar design language across the board.

Few things you might want to keep in mind. There are rumors out there that Galaxy S7 can appear bigger than S6 – screen size up to 5.8 inches. Also, it might be built of a different type of metal. Sources claim the manufacturers are experimenting with magnesium based alloy that will make the phone stronger whilst keeping it light and allows the heat out.

We have found quite a few sources stating that it’s highly possible that S7 will appear in two sizes, 5.2 and 5.8 inches. 4K display – most likely so.

A new trademark filing suggests Samsung is working on its own new super-strong display technology called Turtle Glass. It's set to replace Corning's Gorilla Glass 3 and we may see it launch on the Galaxy S7.

OS and power

It’s most likely that Galaxy S7 will see the world with Android Marshmallow. Social networking site Weibo has certain clear facts regarding that.

And interesting fact we came across is that Samsung is adding liquid cooling system to Galaxy S7 in order to solve the overheating and battery draining problems.


We got quite a few different ideas here. One rumor is that Samsung is highly interested in getting IMX300 sensor from Sony, which has been used in Xperia Z5 series. On the other hand, Samsung is known to have invented a new BRITECELL camera that is supposed to be far better in low light conditions than the one in S6. In that regard it could be so that Samsung will drop the megapixels from 16 to 12. With so many camera rumors though it's hard to know what we're going to get.

Other features

It’s been noted that Galaxy S7 will most likely support USB Type-C, with which you get to charge the device really fast. We don’t doubt this piece of information, since most companies are adding this features to their newcomers.

An interesting fact is that Galaxy S7 might have micro-CD support, up to 128GN probably. That would be fantastic, allowing you to be in control of the storage capacities of your gadget. Of course that undermines the cut down of the internal storage capacities.

No doubt about the fingerprint scanner in S7– it has proven to be favored in Galaxy S6.

Music fans are most probable to get fascinated, all due to the rumor that S7 might use the SABRE 9018AQ2M chip from ESS Technology. The chip features a 32-bit mobile audio DAC and has 129 dB signal to noise ratio.

That’s our latest findings as to Samsung Galaxy S7. Stay tuned, we’ll be researching further to throw light upon more details to come.