Bound for Early 2016 Release – The Samsung Galaxy S7

December 30, 2015

There have been several rumors revolving around the release date and specs of the new Samsung Galaxy S7, which started even before iPhone 6s was announced. According to the rumors, said that it will be released by as early as January 2016, some say by early February, while others believe it could possibly be released before the year ends. Nonetheless,

Samsung has its tradition of releasing one Galaxy S and an accompanying Note flagship every year, so the rumors of a late December release could very well be highly unlikely. 

Now, we have reason to believe that the “January to early February” release of the Galaxy S7 just might prove to be the most reliable. Sources from Samsung told SamMobile that the work in developing firmware for the device has already begun, which is a month earlier than they did with the Galaxy S6. Analysts concluded launching their device a month early might be a smart move by Samsung to snatch more prospective buyers from iPhone 6s, as people might be more inclined to wait then buy the S7 if they knew it is coming out sooner than buy the iPhone 6s today. 

Similar to the Galaxy 6s, there could possibly be two versions of the S7, with codenames G930FXU0AOK6 AND G935FXXU0AOK6. Speculations point out that the next Galaxy flagship will come in a standard and an “Edge” version.

The S7, according to rumors, will still retain the premium aluminum and glass build of the S6, but with a slightly larger 5.2” display, while some says it will be 5.7”, quite larger compared to 5.1” of the S6. Adding to the speculations is that Korean website Kbench says that Samsung has already filed a trademark for a new type of glass called Turtle Glass, an alternative to Corning's Gorilla Glass,and this will be used in the S7. 

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820, expected to be launched later this year, is said to be used in the S7. On the contrary, some rumors point that Samsung's own Exynos M1 will most likely be the SoC choice, as the company opted to use Exynos instead of Snapdragon in the S6 line and the Note 5. Nevertheless, whichever SoC will be used in the S7, if it is bundled with 4GB of RAM, a 20MP+ camera, and USB 3.0 fast-charging technology, the smartphone is sure to be powerful.