Windows 10 - Update Schedule Leaks and Improved Features

December 29, 2015

The Windows OS has been a great alternative for people who wanted an OS outside of the usual Android and Apple's iOS. Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile, the latest iteration of the OS, promises to deliver a more stable and satisfying experience that is uniquely Windows. This latest OS debuted with the new Lumia 950 and 950XL, and Microsoft promises that it is ready to roll out major updates to older Windows phones starting December.

Windows 10

It is surprising to know that with Windows 10 Mobile, developers could have easier way to port over existing codes, enabling more apps to be running on the new OS. If things go favorably, this just might open up to a lot of smartphone users switching to Windows phones, giving Microsoft that much needed boost to hold a significant share in the smartphone market and compete nearly head-to-head with Android and Apple iOS.

New Features

Microsoft decided to make a new app store in for its phones. Its the usual app store where you can browse, buy apps with PayPal, gift cards or credit. Users could also buy movies and shows, but no music; however, the new music app has improved on its overall look and added a video preview feature that lets you see all the videos you have.

Seamless switching between your desktop also became much easier by having them work together. Microsoft Office documents can easily be opened and edited on all your device through cloud storage syncing.

Layout on the settings screen with Windows 10 Mobile bears a striking resemblance to its desktop counterpart. The Word Flow keyboard is still the same as in Windows 8.1, but with an added feature of being able to position or re-size the keyboard for added typing ease especially with just one hand.

Windows Update Schedule

According to Orange Poland, the actual major update would start by December 14. The first smartphones to receive this update includes the Lumia 635, 630, 640, 830 and 735. The next ones to receive includes the Lumia 520, 532, 625, 720, 820, 920, 925, 930, 1020 and 1320; however, this will come at a later date, specifically early February 2016.

Note, however, that all device currently running Windows 8.1 will eventually be given updates to Windows 10, so do not worry if your smartphone was not among the phones listed.