5 new Moto Mods annonced and more mod concepts in the works

March 09, 2017 Android Moto New Launch News

Good news for Moto Z owners. Moto announced five new snap-on Mod accessories today for its family of phones, on track with their promise to release at least . At the same time, they are actively wooing developers to contribute and expand the Mod ecosystem. The strategy comes from the point to strengthen the value proposition of a modular smartphone, without it which the phone will not succeed.

1. Game pad

moto mod

The most prominent new Mod is the , a new portable gaming console that you can also plug into your TV. A snap-on rig for the Moto Z has four speakers and gaming controls and comes preloaded with games. It would likely cost a lot less than the Switch .

2. Power Pack

Coming in a variety of colors

3. Mod Charging adaptor

A Mod charging adapter to allow Mods to charge separate the phone

4. Wireless charger

Adds wireless charging to any Moto Z phone.

5. Turbo charger

Moto mod

A portable charger that gives Moto Z battery 8 hours life in just 15 minutes.

In addition to 5 announced, they also showed some concept designs in the works

moto mod

  • Mini Photo printer
  • Robotic kit Mod (Lego Mindstorm) 
  • Add multiple SIM cards
  • Tablet with speakers
  • Interactive LED cover with custom animations
  • VR headset
  • Mod tower to charge multiple Mods

Amazon has separately revealed that it's working on a to the Z line.