Another Nexus Device Coming from Huawei this year, says company exec

June 10, 2016 Android huawei News Nexus

Charlene Munilall, Huawei’s general manager in China, stated in an interview that the Chinese company is coming up with another Nexus device. When being asked why the Nexus line has not found its way into South Africa, the Chinese company general manager replied that, “We’re doing the Nexus again this year, by the way”.


This statement could be a slip-up and may not be enough to make us start expecting another Smartphone from this company this year. However, if it happens that this is real, then it means that Google is planning to make the company partner for its next Nexus device. Just like the Nexus 6P that we see earlier with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset on it, we may expect to see something that is even more powerful.

Most Nexus fans would already be looking up to what Google has in store for them; after all, the last Nexus has been around for seven months. Because of the fact that Google likes to keep its partners close, it may be looking at shedding the responsibility on the Chinese company again this. Remember Huawei has collaborated with Google to produce two Nexus devices now. Moreover, the search engine giant has stated that it is looking to cater for customers who would like the Nexus device to come in a higher end model.

Although HTC has been touted to be the next on the list of the Nexus phone manufacturer, there is still some chance that some of the work will go to Huawei. In addition, if this information is indeed through, we should expect to some Nexus tablet after the Pixel C released earlier. If you are wondering whether it would be HTC or Huawei, there is still a chance it will not be just one of them, but the two of them.

Another possibility that we should take note of is that Huawei’s Charlene may be referring to an upgrade to the Nexus 6P, just as we have seen Samsung doing with their S6 and S7 devices.


Whatever the Chinese Smartphone giant is planning is not outside the scope of what they have done in the past. Moreover, if the company is indeed planning for something, you should expect to see the new Google’s VR platform, Daydream on it since Huawei itself has stated it is looking towards that position.