Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge new firmware update for specific bug fixes.

May 25, 2016 Android News Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge have both received new firmware updates. This time however,  the updates are outside the typical monthly schedule for Android 6.0 patches. Just as the timing is different from the norm, so is the of the nature of the updates. The update this time does not include unnamed or unfamiliar big fixes, instead, they are very specific. Bug fixes performance upgrades normally comes with generic release notes and this is common with most Android OEMs when they release their updates.

S7 and S7 edge firmware updates

This time around, Samsung have given us release notes that address issues most people would probably not have care about. They include improvement to functions,  new functions and bug fixes.

The first one concerns the Always On Display. Screen clarity is now improved when the Always On Display is ruining.

The other things that are being fixed with this updates include:

-Screen recognition issue is now fixed.

-The issue where videos flicker during playback after recording is fixed.

-The inability to disable Power saving mode while Google Now is running has now been fixed.

-Occasion issue of not being able to save files to microSD is now resolved.

While you may not have experienced any of the above issues, it is still important that you go through for updates when they arrive. Firmware updates are meant to provide security patches and install them now mean that you are safe from future issues that are related to these.

Although the list is specific, the file size for the firmware update is quite large.  At 332MB and 353MB for the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge respectively, the bug fixes must be some serious business.


Sometimes these updates may fix all the mentioned issues in the release notes. And sometimes it may add other things to your phone that you may worry about or be happy with. Most of the time however, these updates will more or less solve problems completely.

Also, if you are yet to get your own update, you will have to be very patient.