Top 10 Reasons why the HTC 10 can be your best smartphone

May 06, 2016 Android HTC Reviews


With the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, and HTC 10 getting released this year, users of Android smartphones get to have a lot of excellent choices in terms of their preferred mobile device. Not only that, current iPhone users should also take into consideration one of these devices as they not only come with the latest and greatest technology, they have cameras that are even better than that of the iPhone 6s.

As for the HTC 10, the latest flagship device from the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer is expected to start shipping in the next couple of weeks. As expected, the HTC 10 comes with more than enough power under its hood and boasts of great aesthetics – making it a great choice aside from the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5. However, the HTC 10 comes with more than that and here are my 10 reasons as to why the HTC 10 should be your next mobile weapon of choice:

Fabulous aluminum unibody design

In today’s smartphone market, you have the choice of metal, glass and plastic phone designs. Personally, I prefer metal phones. Huawei may have done a great job with the way it designed the Nexus 6P, but nothing beats the design, fit and finish of HTC’s latest and greatest.

Hi-Res audio experiences

HTC BoomSound makes a return to the HTC 10 and brings about changes on its implementation. A powered amp is also integrated in the handset’s headset jack. Not only that, high resolution audio recording is also possible on the handset. Combine all of these and you get a handset that is capable of delivering high quality audio for a more intense listening experience.


USB Type-C 3.1 with Quick Charge 3.0


Compared to other smartphones that come with USB Type-C, the HTC 10 is capable of supporting the 3.1 standard. This enables faster data connections from your handset to your computer. In addition to that, the HTC 10 also packs support for Quick Charge 3.0 which allows you to fully charge your handset in mere minutes, thereby ensuring you have more than enough juice to last through the day.

Front-facing camera with OIS

HTC 10 camera

Other smartphones boast of having OIS in their rear cameras. The HTC 10 on the other hand packs OIS in its front-facing camera as well, making it the first smartphone in the world with such feature. The result – your selfies come out better and with less blur.

Rear UltraPixel 2 camera

The main camera of the HTC in its rear panel is the same as that found in the Nexus 6P, but packs support for optical image stabilisation. This enables the HTC 10 to deliver exceptional not only low light performance but great true colour capture as well. The rear shooter of the handset needs some software tweaks but still lets you take great pictures.

microSD card with adoptable storage

Support for microSD card and memory expansion is offered on the latest devices of Samsung and LG but these handsets do not support adoptable storage. This feature can be enabled on the HTC 10 and once enabled, the handset will then merge your microSD card with its internal storage and use it as if it were the same as its internal storage.

Sense UI with app duplication minimization

HTC Sense is, to my opinion, the best custom user interface. It continues to offer helpful utilities and features without having performance and speed compromised in any way. HTC was also able to minimise the duplication of apps in the HTC 10, something that Samsung is having a hard time doing in its smartphones.

Front fingerprint scanner

HTC 10 fingerprint

In terms of fingerprint scanners, I prefer them to be placed on the front panel of my smartphone. This way, I have the option of unlocking my handset while it’s on top of my desk. The good thing about the scanner of the HTC 10 is that it’s not a physical button. It actually is an embedded area on the HTC 10’s front panel and unlocks your phone at lightning speed.

Unlockable bootloader

This feature is heaven-sent for Android users who love tinkering with their handsets. Aside from being sold as a GSM SIM-unlocked handset without the usual bloatware from carriers, the HTC 10 also ships with an unlockable bootloader that allows you to do what you want with it.

Our take

When it comes to our smartphones, each of has different needs. This is the great thing about the Android ecosystem and its campaign slogan of “Be Together, Not the Same”. As for the HTC’s latest flagship device, the handset comes with a lot of unique capabilities not found in other flagship smartphones. If these are the features you are looking for in your next smartphone, then the HTC 10 is definitely your best bet.