Xiaomi Stinger One-touch Mouse Click Left Button Touch Physical Connection Mobile Phone Game Button, Right-hand Version


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1. Capacitive space-interval mapping technology can achieve transient response without failure. At the same time, it supports one-button switching and long-press connection mode. In the linkage mode, just press and hold the trigger button, it will automatically click the screen continuously at a high frequency of 8 times/second, so that M16 and SKS output fully automatic firepower.

2. Equipped with competitive mouse-level micro switch, short keystroke, high sensitivity and quick response. The crisp sound of the buttons when shooting quickly makes people more involved in the game.

3. It adopts a stable tensile structure, and the inner lining is equipped with a rubber anti-slip mat. After clamping, it fits closely with the mobile phone, and the fierce gun battle will not be smooth. The inner grooving is designed to reserve space for the volume key and the lock screen key to avoid accidental touch. At the same time, it is fully compatible with mobile phone case, tempered film, and your mobile phone. The maximum thickness is 9mm, the maximum stretch is 82mm, and the giant screen phones such as the Xiaomi Max series and the glory Note series are not compatible.

4. The left and right hand buttons are separately shaped, the curved surface is more suitable for the hand, and the pressing is more comfortable.

5. Long-lasting battery life, full charge for 80 hours.

6. Easy to set up, quick to get started, four-finger gun, no need to adapt.


Support mobile phones: iOS-iPhone 6 and above models, Android - common 4-6 inch mobile phones.

Battery capacity: 50mAH.

Charging time: 1.5-2 hours.

Life time: 30 days.

Charging indicator description:

Red light constant: Charging.

Blinking red: The battery is low.

Light off state: It can be used normally.

Correct installation order:

First insert the phone into the head of the bee, then pull out the bottom lever to buckle the screen. (Not installing in the correct order may cause damage to the phone film).

Packing list:

Product Warranty Card x 1

Mobile game button (pair) x 1

Warranty card x 1

USB charging cable x 1

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