Pentax AF-360 Flash


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The Pentax AF 360FGZ shoe mount flash for Pentax cameras includes a variety of features and modes to help you get ideal light settings in a variety of settings. Use this flash with a standard lens in a studio setting to help make the most of artificial lighting. Use it with your wide angle and telephoto lenses to take great landscape images on the field. Combine this Pentax flax with your macro lens to zoom in and illuminate small objects at close range. The Pentax AF 360FGZ camera flash offers TTL flash metering, which helps control exposure automatically. This comes in handy for autofocus shooting. It also includes several different speed settings. Use it at slow sync mode to prevent blurry photos at lower shutter speeds. Use high-speed sync mode to shoot action photos with ideal exposure or create the illusion of soft lighting. Switch between front curtain sync and rear curtain sync modes to experiment with light streaking effects. This flash offers manual buttons and dials to help you customize your settings.

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