ipega PG-9062S Dark Fighter Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad

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1. Vibration feedback: The dual motor HID standard game pad support any Android system and optimized for Samsung Gear VR Oculus VR Headset; With built-in holder for Smartphones and TV Box, Mac, Windows PC.

2. Ergonomic design: The product surface is coated with iron grey powder infusing it with metallic emotions. The bottom shell is processed with black rubber oil enabling the hand feel to be more comfortable. As the product structure is ergonomic, you will feel extremely cool during gaming.

3. Precision controls: Portable controller delivers precise responsive control, dual clickable analog sticks, shoulder buttons and triggers, four action LED buttons, a directional pad and L1/R1 shoulder and built-in Hall-sensor L2/R2 trigger buttons. All these details deliver greater precision than your mobile device touchscreen and other competitors on the market.

4. 4cm-8.5cm width cut: Lock-arm attaches your smartphone directly to the controller with perfect view angle. A/B/X/Y function keys has white LED lighting illuminating for 5s when switch on and during the night. The light will be even more dazzling.

5. Compatibility and suggestion: The gamepad majorly supports Android games in HID standard and PC game, not support iOS system.

6. For Galaxy, HTC, MOTO, Android TV Box, Android TV, PC(Black).

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