i7 Bluetooth 4.1 Ultrathin Mini Wireless Hanging Bluetooth Earphone(White)

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1. Size: 58*13*6mm

2. Bluetooth version: 4.1

3. Battery capacity: 80 mAh

4. One-click Photography, Play Self-timer anytime, anywhere

5. Listen to the song and telephone correctly, support to listen to the song and answer the phone

6. Telegraph number, Chinese and English voice prompt, boot-up, pairing, shutdown, disconnection, low power of mobile phone, etc. will all be voice prompt.

7. The power of the iPhone mobile phone shows that you can watch the power of the headphones at any time without worrying about the power of the headphones.

8. One-drag-two connection, two mobile phones can be connected at the same time

9. The Bluetooth headset will automatically connect to the mobile phone when it is turned off after it is connected to the mobile phone, which is convenient and faster.

10. Intelligent compatibility: support all mobile phones with Bluetooth features, pad, notebooks, singing bars, QQ music, movies, etc.

11. Talk time: 3-4 hours standby time: 120 hours listening to songs: 3-4 hours

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