Huawei CM-H2 honor FlyPods Pro High Version Wireless Bluetooth Earphone with Charging Box(White)

Brand: Honor

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1. Bone voiceprint recognition technology, the earphone has a voice unlock function, when you wear the earphone, just say WeChat payment or Alipay payment, the phone automatically recognizes the owner identity, you can jump to the payment interface.

2. Voice Assistant, always on standby, just say Hello YOYO and voice commands, you can unlock in one step and complete your voice command. Calling, finding maps, setting alarms, etc. is no longer cumbersome.

3. Music and incoming calls can be controlled via voice commands, compatible with both Android and iOS systems. It can also be done by double-clicking on the earphone.

4. Support HWA HD Bluetooth audio transmission protocol, also compatible with many other Bluetooth transmission protocols, the sound quality is more pure and translucent. The 13mm dynamic speaker design creates a more entertaining listening experience.

5. The single earphone has two MEMS microphones, which match the call noise reduction technology, effectively reducing the surrounding noise and making the call more clear.

6. With the wireless charging base, charging is more convenient. The charging box supports both USB-C / Type-C wired charging, and the Mate 20 Pro can reverse the charging of FlyPods Pro.

7. It takes 100 minutes for the power supply to fully charge the charging box + earphones. It takes 60 minutes for the charging box to fully charge the headphones. You can talk for about 2.5 hours on a single charge, and with the extra charge stored in the charging box, the call is about 15 hours.

8. Open the earphone box to quickly pair with the last connected phone.

9. If you accidentally lose one earphone, when you touch another earphone that is not the original one, put it into the box and press it for more than 10 seconds until the red light flashes and reset again, you will have a pair of FlyPods Pro wireless headphones again.

10. Bone Voice Recognition Adaptation Model: Glory V20/V10/10/Note 10/Magic 2/Play/Mate 20 Series/Maters/P20 Series/Mate 10 PRO/Nova 3.

11. IP54 dust-proof and splash-proof design, easy to deal with moisture, sweat and light rain.

12. Ergonomically designed, semi-in-ear with a swan neck design for a comfortable and secure fit.


1. Bluetooth: 5.0.

2. Support music: effective frequency bandwidth 20Hz-20000Hz.

4. Inside the box: RGB LED tri-color lamp: It can do the headphone charging status indication, the headphone power indicator, the pairing status prompt, and the factory reset status prompt. Outside the box: Four LED lights: It can be used to indicate the charging status of the charging box and the charging box.

5. Charging interface: USB-C / Type-C interface.

6. Battery capacity: minimum 410mAh, typical value 420mAh.

7. Power input: 5V-1A.

8. Size of the charging box: 50.5x45x24.5mm, earphone size: 43x18.6x16.5mm.

9. Charging box weight: 44-46g, single earphone weight: 4.0-4.2g.

Packing list:

Glory FlyPods wireless headphones (one for each of the left/right headphones) x 1

Charging box x 1

Manual (including warranty card) x 1

USB-C / Type C charging cable x 1

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