ELEPHONE R8 1.3 Waterproof Smart Watch Silver Case With Blue Strap


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1. Main control chip: Realtek RTK8762ck

2. Compatible system: Android4.4 or higher, IOS8.2 or higher

3. Memory: 128K+128M

4. Screen type: color screen

5. Screen size: 1.3 inch

6. Resolution: 360x360

7. Bluetooth: 5.0

8. WIFI: None

9. NFC: None

10. Battery type: polymer lithium battery

11. Capacity: 402628 280mAh 3.7V

12. Charging method: USB magnetic cable

13. Waterproof rating: IP67

14. Charging time: 2h

15. Battery life: 7-10 days

16. Firmware languages: firmware languages ​​in 10 countries (Chinese, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Italian), and subsequent upgrades to 19 languages

17. APP languages: Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Persian, Dutch, Polish , Finnish, Swedish, Thai


Full touch display 1.3 inch HD display

Display adopts 1.3-inch PS screen, 360*3460 HO resolution, high-fidelity color display. Display. bringing superior picture quality experience.

Simple and stylish UI interface

Colorful colors. stylish and simple Ul interface, many different styles of wallpaper to choose.

Second-generation HRS3600 sensor

Integrating the God of Heart 3 Gen II HRS3600 heart rate sensor, more accurate than first generation of 3300, 24 hours. Continuously monitor your heart rate.

Blood pressure measurement

New blood pressure monitoring method. which can measure blood pressure without connecting a mobile phone. directly displayed on the bracelet. Display blood pressure data. which can be viewed without APP, allowing you to measure blood pressure regularly. Understand body changes anytime. anywhere.

24-hour multi-dimensional monitoring

The watch has a built-in low-power motion sensor, which monitors your movement status in real time. 8 kinds of sports modes. Formula can more accurately record your steps, distance traveled and calories burned.

IP67 waterproof

Fully sealed structure. integrated injection molding and stainless steel IP67 waterproof technology.

280mAh 7-10 days

280mMAh battery capacity, 30 days standby. 10 days night use. 7 days heavy use(Bright screen, heart rate detection function is used frequently)

Simple and thin extraordinary texture

Metal body, bottom shell ML technology, light and comfortable.

Metal body

Sandblasted outer ring. brushed middle frame. delicate and Strong anti-drop, anti-aging. make watch life Longer life.

IML Craft

The bottom case adopts IML technology. which is fashionable and exquisite.Does not hurt hands smooth and comfortable. skin-friendy Sense, moist and connotative like a gem.

Lightweight and comfortable

Watch diameter 47m, thickness is only 12mm With soft matte texture strap, breathable row Sweat comfort.

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