EarFun Air Pro White

Brand: EarFun

Product Code: E0BZA49WG9

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Featuring Hybrid Composite digital noise reduction, the EarFun Air Pro earphones reduce ambient noise by up to 38dB. When you’re in a busy airport, station or office, this level of noise reduction makes all the difference. Simply put, you get to hear more of your music and less of the world outside.

Transparent Mode lets more of the outside sound in - perfect for if you’re listening out for announcements, are walking through the streets or are in a busy environment that requires your concentration.

Dual, 10mm composite drivers are over 50% larger than the 6mm version fitted in the standard Air model, giving you two times the bass. Combined with the Prominent Edifier Sound System, this gives them a 25% wider frequency response, meaning you hear more detail from top to bottom.

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