Drawer Type S2 Ear-in TWS Bluetooth V5.0 Wireless Earphones (Red)

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Product manual:

Headphone light status indication

Power on: blue LED light

Shutdown: red LED flashes 3 times

When charging: the red LED is bright

Charging completed: red LED off

Matching instructions:

First paired with two Bluetooth headsets

Pair the Bluetooth master device to achieve stereo

The left and right ears of S2 are paired at the factory.

Product information:

1. Name: (TWS) S2

2. Size: 39 x 56 x 188mm

3. Earplug weight (each): 5g

4. Charging box: 100 grams

5. Output power: 5mW

6. Channel: Stereo

7. Frequency response: 6HZ-20kHz

8. Signal to noise ratio: 295dB

9. Battery capacity earlobe (each): 60mAh

10. Charging box: 1200 mAh

11. Battery charging time: earplugs for 90 minutes

12. Charging box: 2 hours

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