(10 pcs/Set) CE Certified KF94 Breathable Respirator Dustproof Antiviral Anti-fog Willow Leaf Shaped Protective Face Mask with Breath-Valve Filter

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Mask Features:

1. 4-layer protection, high effect prevent spittle, sand, dust, haze, bacteria, etc.

2. With breath-valve filter design, filters over 94% of airborne particles, fumes, allowing smooth breathing, reducing heat and moisture accumulation

3. Built-in nose bridge strip, press molding to reduce leakage rate

4. High-elastic hanging ear draw cord, easy and pressure-free for both ears

5. Pattern blanking, durable and not deformed

Fitting Instructions:

1. Open the mask and pull the inner side to cover the nose and chin

2. The drawstring is hung on the ear

3. Fully check for air leaks, arrange the mask and stick it on the face

4. Gently press the nose strip with your hands to make the shape of the nose strip and the nose match to ensure the tightness of the nose

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