Canon Extender EF 2x III

Brand: CANON

Product Code: E04WEEN7KX

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Get amongst the action with the Canon Extender;The Canon Extender EF 2X III is perfect for photojournalists, nature and sports photographers working with distant and challenging subjects. The Extender EF 2x III increases the focal length of a lens by a factor of 2x while still delivering superb image quality. The lens combines enhanced environmental protection, redesigned optics and improved data communication between lens and camera to ensure the best possible image quality in all conditions.

Improved optical performance

The Extender EF 2x III features five groups of nine elements, boasting improved optical performance. All of the optical elements incorporate Canon's Super Spectra coating, helping to reduce ghosting and flare to minimize post-processing requirements. The new fluorine coating featured on the front and rear elements ensures that marks, such as water spots or fingerprints, are much easier for you to clean. The extender is resistant to both dust and water, making it ideal for use within extreme shooting conditions.

Communication between lens and camera

To assist the transfer of imaging data between the lens and camera body, the extender is equipped with an integrated processor to ensure all focusing, metering and ID information is available, resulting in crisp, well-exposed images.

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