Bone Conduction Headphone Swimming Teaching Bluetooth Headphone (Green)

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1. U-shaped design, comfortable to wear, anti-shedding.

2. Bone conduction exercise headphones don't listen to music without ear, don't hurt eardrum, listen to music while exercising, and also hear outside sounds to avoid accidents.

3. Bluetooth 4.2, 3 seconds fast match, signal stability, deep noise reduction, high definition sound quality.

4. High-definition voice call, low distortion, low interference, intelligent voice reminder, anti-missing.

5. Built-in stereo CALSS-D function, the sound experience quality is high.

6. IPX8 deep nano waterproof, underwater sports can also enjoy music at any time.

7. 8G memory, support a variety of music formats, such as MP3.

8. Charge for 2 hours and last for 10 hours.

9. After connecting the phone, you can check the power at any time.

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