B+W 77mm Slim AUC PL Kasemann MRC Filter

Brand: B+W

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Use reflective polarizer can be removed from the surface of the non-metallic surface, such as glass produced, better and more vivid colour reproduction and contrast of the landscape shooting particularly important. Understand the importance of polarizer, it should not be difficult to understand a quality polarizer is equally important, right?

B + W "Kaesemann" ultra-thin circular polarizer MRC is made of specially selected polarizing foil and high-quality glass material. It has a better-polarized light filtering effect than general polarizer and can meet the most serious image quality requirements. The edge is glued and sealed to prevent the adverse effects of the climate on the filter. In addition, the frame is made of the first-class frame to ensure that the long-term use is still strong. The lenses are coated by MRC (Multi-Resistant Coating), which has the advantages of high-transparency and low-reflection, as well as excellent anti-wear properties. The cleaning filter is not afraid of wrongly damage lens.

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