8BitDo Retro Cu-be Portable Bluetooth Speaker sound box V4.0 EDR Game Speaker Dpad Style

Brand: 8BitDo

Product Code: E0JKEJ4NFG

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1. Unique in design and compact in size.

2. Attractive in appearance and excellent in sound quality.

3. Its fashion and simple design allow you to enjoy your relax time.

4. Easier to listen the sound from phone, laptop and tablet.

5. Universal compatibility with different kinds of phones and tablets.

6. With the enhancement brought by the sound, it enables the player to enjoy each game thoroughly.

7. Following the NES theme, the design continuously carries the D-pad pattern and applies the symbolic color and shape of A/B buttons.

8. Can be connected by wireless via Bluetooth and AUX audio cable.

9. It takes each game off the device and brings it into real life.

10. The bass reflex system installed in the speaker helps increase the sound quality when music reaches low frequencies.

11. Has Bass Reflex System and Bass Reflex Support.

12. Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery.

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