8BitDo M30 Bluetooth Gamepad

Brand: 8BitDo

Product Code: E0XWZ7KYBC

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1. Support with Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac OS and Android

2. M30 is designed to play all of SEGAs classics, but with added modern features like turbo functionality mapping and USB-C. Bluetooth and rechargeable battery

3. The classic cross and six-key position, horizontal layout, rounded chamfer, let you no longer hurt your fingers when you are playing for a long time or playing other action games

4. With the 8Bitdo Smartphone Clip, you can turn your M30 into a dedicated mobile game system. Compatible with nearly all smartphones

5. Product size: 147x74x31mm

6. Packing List:

1 x M30 Bluetooth Gamepad

1 x USB-C Cable

1 x Instruction Manual

7. For Nintendo Switch, Mac OS, Android, Steam, Windows.


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