7Artisans 12mm f/2.8 II APSC Lens (Nikon Z Mount)

Brand: 7Artisans

Product Code: E0J853WXQN

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A compact wide-angle prime for M4/3-mount mirrorless cameras, this 12mm f/2.8 Mark II Lens from 7artisans Photoelectric is an all-manual lens well-suited for landscape, cityscape, and architectural subjects requiring a broad field of view. The lens's f/2.8 maximum aperture benefits working in a variety of lighting conditions and helps to maintain the small and lightweight form factor for handheld shooting. Its manual focus design is complemented by both depth of field and distance scales for utilizing pre-focusing and zone focusing techniques. Additionally, the lens permits working with subjects as close as 7.9" away.

UPC/EAN: 6971835484058

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