60-100X Zoom Digital Cell Phone Microscope Maginifier + Back Cover for iPhone 5 & 5S(Black)

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1) Transforming your cell phone to a mobile microscope by attaching this item. Easy to install

2) With magnification from 60X to 100X power

3) With its High Definition feature

4) Electronic technicians can use this to check the PCBs

5) Suits for photographers to take macrophotograph pictures

6) Bio-chemical technicians can use this to verify their experiment results

7) Suits for craftsmen of printed materials / fabric producers to check the qualities of their products

8) Install 3 x LR1130 with Positive polarity (+) at two side and 1 negative polarity (-) in between them (include)

9) Color: Black

10) Microscope Dimension: 3.4 x 2 x 8.5cm

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