1.8m For Sony PS2/PS3 RGB SCART Cable TV AV Lead Replacement Connection Cable For PAL/NTSC Consoles

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Model Number: Black.

Name: Real RGB Scart Cable for PS1/PS2/PS3.

Compatible with: For PAL consoles only.

Product Details:

Line length: 1.8 meters.

Single weight: 82g.

Scope: Sony PS2/PS3.


Made of 4N oxygen-free copper (OFC) imported terminals, plastic and other materials, the body is soft, flexible, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and has excellent wear resistance. High-shielded fidelity design, strong anti-interference performance, good transmission signal.


1. Do not place this product in a hot and humid environment, avoid direct sunlight.

2. Do not modify or clean this product with chemicals.

3. It is strictly forbidden to shake and hit this product strongly.

4. Do not place heavy objects on this product.


Make sure your game console and your TV system are powered off before connecting and disconnecting.


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