Xiaomi MOJIETU Car charger 3s


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Music playing, Car charger, Battery voltage detection

Compatible with all models: support all kinds of car brands on the market

Double mode of bluetooth 4.2 chip, conversion effeciency is up to 95%

Listen to massive high-quality network audio at anytime

Fully improve the quality of music

Empty table scanning, intelligent background noise reduction

With a strong charging chip, underthe elegant surface

Fully optmize the charging efficiency, PK your original charger

Using the high quality DC/DC master control chip designed by AnaNaviTek. Not only provide 8 circuits'protection, but also fully improve the charging effeciency

High-quality staniless steel, more safe full touch clamping electrode technique

Refined stainless steel electrode, same as the Apple Watch's surface

Car gauge retardant anti-aging, High standard retardant, effective prevention of the fire hazards

Strict with the process of technology, Average normal working time is up to 20 thousand hours

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