UV Light Disinfection Sterilization Wireless Charger for Phone (Multi-functional)(Black)

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Product Code: E00GHI1P0V

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Quartz glass tube

High transmission. Better sterilization effect.

Automatic identification 5W and 10W

Support 5W and 10W charging, put on phone to automatically recognize.

Large coil for faster charging

Conversion rate up to 80%, more fast charging.

Automatic power off after full charge, Low temperature throughout

When the mobile phone is almost full or full, it automatically switches to the trickle charging mode. The standby power consumption is automatically replenished, so don't worry about filling the phone all night.

6mm Charging distance - The induction is equally sensitive the phone case

It is recommended that the thickness of the phone case does not exceed 6mm and non-metallic.

Automatic identification-metal foreign material

Only recognizes electronic device with wireless charging function, others have no charging induction.

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