Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 MK II

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Sony's acclaimed high-zooming RX10 II camera contains a remarkable advance in photo and movie possibilities '・€ãƒ»ï¾‚・ the world's first3 memory-attached 1.0-type stacked CMOS image sensor. Use it to create stunning 4K movies, up to 40x super slow motion, spectacular still images, and more. A new world of super-real photography emerges. Zoom in.

The world of superspeed shooting
Welcome to the awesome new world of superspeed shooting. Super slow motion '・€ãƒ»ï¾‚・ once primarily on pro cams. Thrilling fast-action images captured without distortion. Freedom to shoot in bright lighting conditions as never before. Enter the hidden realm of 1/32000-second imagination. Wonders await you.

World's first 1.0-type stacked CMOS sensor with DRAM chip
Image sensor breakthrough brings you cutting-edge new functions '・€ãƒ»ï¾‚・ including up to 40x super slow motion4 and Anti-Distortion Shutter '・€ãƒ»ï¾‚・ that used to be available only with pro-use gear.

High-precision 4K recording
Enjoy high-precision 4K recording with minimised image distortion for super-real movies. Pro-grade XAVC S codec1 ensures beautiful footage with high bitrate recording, and full pixel readout without pixel binning achieves high-resolution results. You can capture astounding super-real movies with cinematic detail and clarity surpassing human vision.

View life anew at 40x super slow motion.

Catch what unfolds unseen before you. Once primarily on pro cams, extremely high-frame-rate (HFR) movie recording of up to 960fps produces super slow motion of momentary movements invisible to human eyes. This feature has various settings to suit active subjects, so you can make pro-style movies of a "テ・ニ・・・ャツヲテ・ツ「・€ãƒ»ï¾‚ャテ・・€ãƒ»hidden"ツ・ universe of movement all around you.

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