Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Clear Standing Phone Cover Transparent


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Keep your color on view

You chose the color, now show it off. The back of the case is transparent so you can keep the design on display.

Clearly protected

This case delivers protection with the help of two different materials. The corners are protected with a bouncy TPU bumper, while the solid PC back protects the rear of your phone.

Control your content view

Kick back and watch at your choice of viewing angles. The Free Stop Hinge on the rear is adjustable, letting you pick out the angle that works best for you.

Product Reviews

アブラハム 02 Aug 2021

シンガポールの商品なので到着が遅かったですが 素材、フィット性、色、レンズカバー、保熱 どれも値段に見合った商品かと思います。

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