S5 Twins Sports Magnetic Ear-in Bluetooth V5.0 Wireless Earphones (Black)

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Headphone light status indication

Power on: blue LED light

Shutdown: red LED flashes 3 times

When charging: the red LED is bright

Charging completed: red LED off

Pairing instructions

First paired with two Bluetooth headsets

Pair the Bluetooth master device to achieve stereo

The left and right ears of S5 are paired by default.

Product information:

1. Name: (TWS) S5

2. Size: 39 x 56 x 188mm

3. Earplug weight (each): 5g

4. Charging box: 100 grams

5. Output power: 5mW

6. Channel: Stereo

7. Frequency response: 6Hz-20kHz

8. Signal to noise ratio: 295dB

9. Battery capacity earlobe (each): 60mAh

10. Charging box: 500 mAh

11. Battery charging time: earplugs for 90 minutes

12. Charging box: 2 hours

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