Oaxis Kids myFirst Fone S2 Smatwatch Black

Brand: OAXIS

Product Code: E0UWL5AEF2

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Real-Time communication Between Devices

3G network that works just like a smartphone.

Get live updates from those closest to you. Using cellular networks, both myFirst Fone and smartphone are able to converse in real-time through either voice or video calls just like a regular phone.

3G Voice & Video Call

Real-time video & voice calls and voice memos.

myFirst Fone is fully compatible with 3G SIM data for real-time video and voice calls.

Receive and make calls between myFirst Fone and an Android or iOS smartphone. Connect with your kids anytime, anywhere.

Text Messaging, Emoticons Anf Voice Memos

end text messages, emoticons and voice memos between myFirst Fone and a parent's smartphone.

Text messages, emoticons and voice memos can be sent between S2 and any whitelisted iOS or Android smartphones. Now you can leave little sweet notes on the wrist of your child for them to read. Allowing kids to read them later for the non-urgent matters.

Read And Reply Messages Directly From MyFirst Fone

Replying through myFirst Fone is incredibly simple. Your child can read your texts or voice notes and reply via emoticons or simply by pushing a button for voice memos.

Never Lose a SmartPhone Again

myFirst Fone is attached to your child's wrist

Misplacing a smartphone can be costly and troublesome. myFirst Fone stays on your child's wrist throughout the day!

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