Huawei Honor Play 4T Pro AQM-AL10 Dual Sim 128GB Black (8GB RAM)

Brand: Honor

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Optical screen fingerprint

With a light touch, unlock quickly. Built-in double face recognition technology, easy to unlock in various scenarios in life.

10% Unlock speed increased.

Streamer design

Not only is the performance superb, but the appearance is also stunning. 3D curved surface design, 7.75mm slim body, deep streamer, gorgeous rainbow, light and handy.

Flash charging

22.5W super fast charge, can charge up to 58% in 30 minutes, 4000mAh large battery strong battery life, accompany all day. Plus smart power saving technology, charge for 10 minutes and watch movies for 3 hours.

Kirin 810 chip

Customized A76 super powerful core, single core performance increased by 75%, GPU performance increased by 175%. 7mm leading technology, energy efficiency ratio increased by 50%, equipped with artificial intelligence NPU chip, high performance and long battery life.

7mm leading process

Self-developed NPU artificial intelligence chip

A76 super powerful core

Ultra wide angle shooting

The anti-distortion ultra-wide-angle camera will not let you miss every corner of life. The magnificent buildings, magnificent scenery, and group photos can all be accommodated in the mobile phone.

48MP AI ultra clear record

Honor Play 4T Pro supports 48MP pixel ultra-clear photos from the hardware, and the ultra-wide-angle lens makes the field of view larger. There is also a depth of field lens blessed by Al background blur algorithm.

Super wide angle

Large aperture

Oversized sensor

High-sensitivity photography

1/2-inch super-large sensor, combined with a new generation of Honor owl algorithm, captures super visual moment at night. AIS handheld Super Night Scene 2.0, perfect integration of long exposure and multi-frame technology

Al handheld super night scene 2.0

Al image engine

Oversized sensor

OLED pearl screen

6.3 inches, 90% + ultra-high screen ratio, with a 20: 9 screen ratio, whether you watch videos or play games, you can have fun. 2400

Huawei Ark compiler

For a smoother running experience, follow your fingertips and respond to commands instantly.

29% Application execution efficiency increased.

13.92% System operation fluency increased.

GPU Turbo 3.0

GPU Turbo 3.0 game accelerator, with 8GB + 128GB large storage, stable high-frame image output, ultra-low power consumption, let you enjoy the game battlefield.

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