GameSir Z1 Cherry MX Switch One-handed Bluetooth & Wired Gaming Keyboard (Cherry MX Red)

Brand: GameSir

Product Code: E0AWZTL8XS

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1. With Cherry shaft, durable, quick trigger, good feel

2. Freely switch mobile phone/PC end, Bluetooth connection mobile phone, Type-C USB cable to connect PC

3. With 33 buttons

4. Curved palm rest design + TPU soft foot pad, aluminum alloy bottom plate

5. Charging current: 1A-2A

6.USB-C/Type-C line length: 1.6 meters

7. Applicable platform: Android 4.4+, iOS 7.0+, Windows 7+

8. Battery: built-in 18650 lithium battery, 2000mAh

9. For iPhone, Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC and Other Smartphones, PC.

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