GameSir F1 Stretchable Joystick Grip / Extended Handle Game Controller (Black)

Brand: GameSir

Product Code: E0WLILA5VY

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1. The controller hand grip case has an ergonomic design and comfortable feeling to relax your hand fatigue for the long-time gaming. Built-in stand clip attached at the back of the grip, adding more convenience for your phones.

2. With 5 adjustable slots, you can adjust it to your preferred angle among 5 different angles in standing position whenever you need it. It is easy to operate as just push the rear arm, set the angle and kickstand it.

3. The conductive material stick-on joystick gives players the great physical manipulation, providing precise controlling on the in-game characters, and can deal easier with more complex positioning.

4. The joystick comes along with a unique swing arm design, just install it on the right or the left side for your hand preference.

5. Comfortable grip, texture technology makes it easy on your hands.

6. You can feel with every hit, crash and explosion in PC games that support vibration feedback.

7. Perfect for any game that has an on-screen control pad.

8. For 4-6 inch Android & iOS Smartphones.

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