For DJI Mavic Air 2 Portable Nylon Shoulder Crossbody Storage Bag Protective Box (Grey)

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1. Two-way zipper design, very suitable for use at home or travel

2. It is made of high-quality EVA and 1680D waterproof cloth by hot pressing, it is small in size, good in shock resistance and easy to carry

3. The inside of the bag is composed of an inner bracket and an outer box, which provides better protection for high pressure

4. There is also a small collection compartment and grid inside, so that users can conveniently store some small accessories in the bag

5. The inner liner of precise mold opening is not easy to fall off, and it can get all-round care

6. Wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, effectively protect your machine

7. Material: nylon, EVA

8. Size: 29x19.5x12.5cm

Note: The product is only a storage bag and does not contain other items

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