Fitbit Charge 2 Lavendar Rose Gold (Small)

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Brand: Fitbit
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Cardio Fitness Level

Fitbit® Charge 2™ gives you a better understanding of your fitness levels by providing a personalised Cardio Fitness Score. Your score is an estimate of your V02 Max – widely accepted as the gold standard measurement of cardiovascular fitness. See how it compares to people of the same age and get tips to improve over time.

Measure Your Progress

PurePulse technology measures your heart rate all day, whether resting or exercising, giving valuable insights that help you better track calorie burn, optimise the intensity of your workouts and track overall health and fitness.

Reach Your Workout Goals

Track and reach your workout goals with multi-sport tracking. Record specific exercises like running, weights or yoga, see real-time stats and view post-workout summaries. Connect GPS during run mode and you'll be able to see your pace and distance as well as a map of the route you took.

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