DJI Tello Drone (Ironman Edition)

Brand: DJI

Product Code: E0QC9NH7KO

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Feel like you're part of the Avengers by flying the Tello Quadcopter (Iron Man Edition) from Ryze. It features the markings and red/gold color scheme of Tony Stark's iconic Iron Man armor, right down to the Arc Reactor.

Paired with the Tello Hero app, you can fly your Marvel superhero-themed drone through a series of training missions. Guided by Tony's own AI, FRIDAY, the specially-designed missions give you a sneak peek into Iron Man's world.

Built in partnership with DJI, this drone is meant to be a fun and engaging way to learn about drones and how to pilot them. Its tiny form factor and smart Intel processor enable it to perform exciting aerial tricks on a whim, all through smartphone control.

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