Car DVR - Original for Xiaomi Xiao YI Ultra Dash Camera, 2.7 inch TFT LCD Screen


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1. 2.7 inch 960*240 dot-matrix delta LCD screen provides a real-time preview without being obstructive, and the intuitive navigation is easy-to-use for drivers of all ages.

2. 4-million-pixel high-sensitivity image sensor, F1.9 aperture, 6G all-glass 4-million class lens optical lens composition. with 140 degree wide angle viewing.

3. Processor (built-in ISP): A17 1.25Ghz+A7 800Mhz, dual core configuration. Process technology: 28nm advanced process.

4. Co-processor: Built-in Neon acceleration, integrated high-speed FPU processing unit

5. Encoding technology: H.264 real time multi stream coding capability.

6. Run memory: 128M*16bit(2Gbits)*2 (note: software will occupy some space).

7. Record bright images in 2.7K(2688*1520) 30fps, 2K(2560*1440) 30fps, FHD 1920*1080 30fps, HD 1280*720 30fps.

8. Video coding: H.264 real-time multi stream coding, mp4 format.

9. Bit stream video: Support video playback (Note: High resolution files need to be downloaded first to playback)

10. Wide dynamic: SUPER WDR 2.0.

11. Network: Standard Wi-Fi 802.11n, supports wireless security standard, wireless encryption, WPA2 encryption.

12. Storage (Micro SD card): Please ensure the card is 16-128 GB standard microSD card. Recommendation class: Class10 (U1) or above, recommendation speed: 80MB/s or above.

13. Built-in high precision three-axis sensor.

14. App support platform: iOS 8.0 or later or Android 4.1 or later.

15. Power interface: 5V/2A (Micro USB interface).

16. Battery capacity: Built-in high temperature resistant polymer lithium battery, 400mAh capacity

17. Car charger: input: 12-24V, output: 5V DC.

Package List

1. YI Ultra Dash Camera x 1

2. Car charger (input: 12-24V, output: 5V DC) x 1

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