Car DVR - Original for Xiaomi Xiao YI Mirror Dash Camera, 4.3 inch IPS Touch Screen


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1. 4.3 inch IPS touch screen, 480(RGB)*800 wide screen.

2. Processor: Dual core cpu, built in ISP, supports WDR functions, 3D noise reduction.

3. Front camera: 2-million-pixel high-sensitivity image sensor, F2.0 aperture, all-glass+1 IR Infrared filter optical lens composition, 138 degree wide angle viewing, FHD 1920x1080 30fps / HD 1280x720 30fps resolution.

4. Rear camera: 2-million-pixel high-sensitivity image sensor, 120 degree wide angle viewing, AHD-M 1280x720 resolution.

5. Wireless network: Standard Wi-Fi 802.11n, supports wireless security standard, wireless encryption, WPA2 encryption.

6. Storage (Micro SD card): Please ensure the card is 16-64 GB standard microSD card, recommendation speed: 80MB/s or above, shooting configuration, video coding: H.264 real-time multi stream coding. (Note: The brightness and contrast of the scene will differ in actual product, other YI products support loop recording).

7. Front camera 1080P 30fps recording time and  storage card capacity: 64GB about 8 hours, 32GB about 4 hours, 16GB about 2 hours, 8GB about 1 hours.

8. Front camera 1080P 30fps with rear camera recording time and  storage card capacity: 64GB about 6 hours, 32GB about 3 hours, 16GB about 1.5 hours, 8GB about 0.75 hours.

9. Built-in high precision three-axis sensor.

10. Car charger: input: 12-24V, output: 5V DC.

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