Car DVR - DV360 360 Seamless Surround View (2D+720P)

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1. 4 PCS 180 degree super wide angle fisheye lens.

2. HD CMOS image sensor, full glass camera lens, with High speed DSP processor.

3. Hardware-accelerated fisheye correction.

4. Motion detection based recording function.

5. Support TF card or USB as a recording medium.

6. Intelligent 2D power management mode.

7. Car-level chip combination to protect the device to ensure stable operation of the system.

8. 360 panoramic panoramic view, seamless mosaic, no blind spots on the ground.

9. Automatic calibration, calibration is convenient.

10. 4-channel image real-time driving record, local playback.

11. High-definition signal input, clear and smooth picture quality.

12. Parking vibration recording function.

13. Support TF Card / Motion Detection / Parking Video.

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