Car DVR - 2.0 inch Screen Dual Lenses

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1) The product,the latest dual-lens portable car camcorder,can take dual-channel synchronous high-definition video

2) The reasonably designed key functions facilitate the operation of users

3) THe dual lenses,perfect patented combination design with small size,rotary lens of 180 degree,and A+level high-resolution day/night wide angle of 140 degree,may make dynamic video photographing outside by one and inside by the other and also can take photographing with high resolution at various angles in different occasions

4) The built in 3G-Sensor automatic sensitive elements,which can feel the gravity charge of X axis,Y axis and Z axis simultaneously in running,can record emergent events automatically,the video within 60 seconds from recording the event will be captured,stored and not covered to keep a complete event video file

5) Support the function of GPS external active module which can record the running states,such as running time,speed,running direction and location,using the special playing software attached to this product can help you examine the whole running track of the car.

6) Support high definition photographing: 640x480 30fps(1CH record)

7) The most advanced M-JPEG codec mode makes the video much clearer and more perfect.

8) The circulatory recording function can automatically delete the old and shoot the new.

9) The seamless recording may ensure the event is recorded completely without skip

10) The password protecion makes other people can't access and check the files except the owner

11) The automatic time/date watermark may ensure when the event is recorded accurately

12) The startup delayer may prevent pulse current damaging the camera in starting the car

13) The automatic power-on in starting the car and power-off 30s after killing the engine may ensure the event is recorded completely

14) The anti-shake function may ensure the recorded event is clearer

15) Support recording emergent event: in case of emergent event,the user persses the emergent event button and the video 60s before and after pressing it will be captured,stored and not covered.

16) Support the TF card with a large volume,even 32GB at most,and please choose 4GB class 6 level above

17) Support CVBS output and playing videos on TV by attached special AV output cable

18) The shortcut key for power down mode may turn off the screen for power saving at any time

19) The built in function of simultaneously charging and taping

20) The built in microphone/loudspeaker and dual channel stereo output brings better sound effect.

* Specification

1) TV out: NTSC/PAL; Chip: SQ

2) Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

3) Language: English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian

4) Video output: CVBS

5) Power: 5V/500mA-1A

6) Size: 130mm x51mm x22mm

7) Application for: Audi; Bentley; BMW; GMC Honda; Hummer; Hyundai; Infiniti; Jaguar; Jeep; Kia; Mini Mitsubishi; Nissan; Opel; Peugeot; Suzuki; Toyota; Volkswagen; Volvo

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