BM-108 2.4 inch LCD 2.4GHz Wireless Surveillance Camera Baby Monitor with 8-IR LED Night Vision (White)

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1. Two way voice talk: Talk with baby who is near the camera whenever parents need.

2. Baby soothing music: Play music(maximum 8 pieces) to sooth baby.

3. Soft night-light: Turn on soft night-light to look around baby and to protect baby's eyes.

4. Baby crying warning light: The number(max 5) of warning lights above screen of host to be turned on is determined according to the volume of baby crying voice.

5. Monitoring image enlargement: Zoom in camera monitoring image to see clearly.

6. Infrared night vision: Eight night vision lamps help parents to see baby clearly in the night.

7. Air temperature meter: Measure air temperature around baby at any time.

8. 2.4GHz wireless digital encryption transmission: Do not need wire to transmit data over maximum 300m(984ft), easy to deploy.

9. Easy to operate with large buttons: Large buttons is convenient for person to operate the product with simple settings.

10. Beautiful and lovely appearance: Product appearance looks beautiful and lovely.

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