Benks V Pro+ Series 0.3mm HD Eye Protection Green Tempered Glass Film + Metal Dust Net for iPhone 12 mini

Brand: Benks

Product Code: E0IXBVGC7J

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1. 129 high-density dust-proof meshes can effectively filter dust. Dustproof and no soundproof, the call is clearer

2. Adaptive light changes throughout the day, effectively reducing the damage of the electronic screen to the eyes

3. Three-layer diffuse diffusion, nano-level filter blue light

4. Using neutral eye protection wavelength, the picture is refreshing and moisturizing

5. Effectively relieve eyesight fatigue and prevent children's vision loss

6. No yellowing and no glare, original screen HD vision

7. 5-layer rebound compression system, effectively alleviating 90% of the impact

Installation Notes:

1. Please use alcohol swabs and microfiber cloth to clean the phone screen before installation.

2. Peel off the protective layer on the adhesive side.

3. Carefully align the glass film with the screen.

4. Press the center of the glass film, the adhesive part will spread out smoothly.


1. As this is a glass product, please note that the edge of the glass is a fragile area.

2. When disassembled and reused, the sticking performance may be reduced, and it can no longer stick to the device. Therefore, it is recommended not to reuse the protective film.

3. Excessive force when installing or removing the screen protector may damage the product.

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