Baseus SUCJLF-01 Chicken Dinner Mobile Phone Gaming Winner Cooling Heat Sink, Built-in Cooling Fan(Black)

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1. Four-finger linkage, multiple angles, multiple positions and enhances combat effectiveness

2. Built-in cooling fan, playing while cooling, more fun with your games

3. The case is made of lightweight PC material, which is easy for you to carry

4. Silicone anti-slip mat to keep the phone steady while protecting the phone from wear

5. Movable key adjustable distance, adjust to the comfortable position to prevent sore hands

6.Input: 5V/0.5A

7. Fan speed: 4000 rev/min

8. Working time: 6 hours

9. Battery capacity: 500mAh

10. Charging time:

11. Product material: PC

12. Applicable models: most smartphones(4.7-6.5 inches)

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