8X Optical Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope Lens with Tripod + Plastic Case for iPhone 5

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Product Code: E0JSIXPTUP

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1) A perfect item for Apple iPhone 5 users and lovers.

2) Smart design for focusing longer distance when taking photo or video.

3) Overcome the short coming of camera cell-phone that only supports near-sighted.

4) Can be used as a mini monocular.

5) Cover case snaps onto your iPhone 5 for normal protection.

6) Flexible handle can be pulled out for easy adjustment.

7) Compact, portable & easy to use.

8) Material: ABS case + glass lens

9) Instantly converts your cell phone into a telescope

10) 8x optical zoom

11) Adjustable focus range

12) View angle: 16 degree

13) Minimum Focus Distance: 3M

14) Size: 70 x 30mm

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